🤿 Hello!

I am Siyu Chen, a full stack software engineer from 🐊UF. I enjoy coding and learning new technologies.

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📜 About Me

I am a senior at the University of Florida studying computer science. I am currently working as a Development Lead for the CaSMM team in the Engaging Learning Lab @UF. I am passionate about backend engineering with a focus on scalable services and process automation. However, with my knowledge of JS frontend frameworks, I am proficient with full stack web development. Outside of work and school, I have taken interest in learning new web development tools and frameworks by following Youtube videos and incorporating them into my own projects.

I like to consider myself as a pertinacious problem solver. I cannot take my mind off the problem until I find a good solution. I thrill at the satisfaction I get when solving a problem after hours or days of hard work. When facing a problem, I like to explore all options and seek to build out the most appropriate solution while taking efficiency and competency into consideration. I am highly motivated, goal-oriented, and determined.

🦑 Work Experience

University of Florida

Gainesville, Florida

Undergraduate Research Assistant / Development Lead

Feb 2021 - Current

- Led the development team to build a Cloud Arduino IDE to support 200+ elementary school students in building computational models for science experiments.

- Built and maintained app backend with PostgreSQL and Strapi that act as headless content management system to allow better programming flexibility and scalability.

- Implemented a service to handle Arduino code compilation and used Redis/Bull to allow pub/sub communication between the application and the service.

- Managed automatic pipeline that creates Review App and deploys to Staging and Production environment on Heroku with GitHub Action .

Github Page Live Demo

🦪 Projects


Computation and Science Modeling through Making Full Stack Web App


Full-Stack Ticketing App with Event-Based Microservices Architecture


MERN Stack E-Commerce App with Production-grade Workflow

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